Uppgradera din sömn: Ny innerhandske revolutionerar fukttransport och passform

Upgrade your sleep: New liner glove revolutionizes moisture transport and fit


Innovation has finally reached the glove industry with the latest sensation - a brand new type of glove liner. This amazing invention will change the rules of the game by offering superior moisture transport and a perfect fit for everyone. Say goodbye to the old, boring cotton gloves that only absorb moisture and are thrown away after each use. It's time to welcome the new generation of inner gloves that take the glove experience to a whole new level.

Moisture transport

Say goodbye to sweaty hands! No more damp and uncomfortable hands in gloves. The ground-breaking inner glove uses a revolutionary combination of absorbent and transportable materials, together with smart design and carefully selected knitting techniques. The result? Outstanding moisture transport that keeps your hands dry and fresh, while minimizing irritation and itching. With this inner glove, you can say goodbye to sweaty hands and enjoy the comfort all day long.


Tailored fit for all hands

A major frustration with traditional cotton gloves is that they have never been adapted to the user's hand size. This can lead to uncomfortable fits and limited mobility. But the new inner glove is here to change that. With its flexibility and stretchability, it can be adapted to any hand. The HUD Liner is true to size and conforms perfectly to your hands, providing a custom fit like you've never experienced before.


Sustainable and smart choice

It's time to say goodbye to wasteful waste management. Instead of throwing away gloves after each use, you can now make a smart and sustainable choice with the new inner glove. It is reusable and can easily be washed in industrial laundry without losing its function or performance. By choosing this inner glove, you contribute to reducing the amount of waste and take a step towards a more sustainable future.



It's time to give your hands the refresh they deserve. The new inner glove takes moisture transport and fit to a whole new level. With its superior technology, it will keep your hands dry and comfortable all day long. Give your hands the treatment they deserve and choose the new generation of inner gloves - a step towards a fresher and more durable glove experience.

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